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Gerelene Pattundeen
Position Lecturer
Discipline Anthropology
Phone 031 260 7332
Campus Howard College Campus
Office Address Rm 266 2nd Floor MTB

Degrees Held

  • BA; BA(HONS); 
  • MA(ANTHRO); 
  • PHD



Lecturing Undergradraute & Postgraduate Students Since 2004

Research Interests:

  • Women and work; youth identity and entrepreneurship; maritime security; migration of professionals and diaspora; women in spirituality

Teaching Areas:

  • Introduction to Anthropology; Local knowledge & sustainable development; Globalization, migration and diaspora studies; Applied Anthropology; Families and Households


  • Honours, Masters & PhD students

Community Involvement/Outreach:

  • Anti Drug Forum: Board member & Research co-ordinator
  • Gopio (Global Organization for People of Indian Origin) SA, Durban Chapter: Secretary & Community Outreach volunteer

Publications/Selected Publications (2011 – 2013):


  • (2011): Book publication – Transnational Lives: Professional Indian Women in Durban, VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Publications, Germany

Journal Articles:

  • (2014): Highly skilled professionals on the move: The international migration of South African Indians, (in press)
  • (2014): Maritime security challenges for South Africa in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR): The Southern and East Coast of Africa, Man in India (special edition – Sept 2014)
  • (2013): “Youth vulnerability in a global world: Girls and sugars addiction in Chatsworth, Durban”, Journal of Sociological and Anthropological Studies No 4 (Special Edition – in press)
  • (2013): The Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University in South Africa – “Self transformation is world transformation”, Journal of Sociological and Anthropological Studies No 4 (1-2): 117-129
  • (2012): The bitter reality of sugars and the youth of Chatsworth, Oriental Anthropologist, Vol 12 (2): 331-347
  • (2011): ”Singled Out: The transnational migration of single mothers from Durban, Kwazulu – Natal”, Oriental Anthropologist, Vol 11(2)

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